NWP in Paris!

My wife and I went recently returned from a much needed holiday, where we went to the UK to visit my sister and her family. Since we already made the 8-hour flight from Barbados to London, it only made sense to make the most of being on the side of the pond. So… we went to Paris.

At some points, (well…most points) she did force me to put the camera down……but I was still able to sneak in some shots of life in Paris, as I saw it through my lens.

Hope you enjoy!

Armed Forces

Unfamiliar sites – French Armed Forces just taking a stroll on the street.




In true, stereotypical tourist fashion, we had crepes in Paris.



And of course, we also had fresh macarons.



When in Barbados you eat mangoes, ackees and dunks; when in Europe you eat strawberries, and they are incredible.


NIKE's Paris Am

It was a struggle to find free WiFi in Paris…our unplanned wandering led us to the Nike Pro Am skate contest.

Why not grab a snap or two.


Wedding Street Photography

Snuck this shot of a groom helping his wife down the streets outside of Notre Dam.

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